Our new website has launched today

Hi and thanks for coming to our website, we’ve just got it set up and are pretty excited! A while back we’d taken down the site due to some technical difficulties and over time have finally gotten the chance to start getting it back up and running.

Now with our website, we will be focusing on life adventures, since we’re into so many things and have so many goals that we’d like to accomplish. We’re into adventure on so many levels from just riding bikes, running, hiking, bikepacking, Overlanding, the list goes on so we figured why not break it all down here. We will be sharing our experiences and feedback on everything that we have an interest in.

Now, this blog is specif to adventures and we have several blogs, one that is in the works will be focusing on more of the film side of things since we watch a lot of movies.

So this being the first post on our brand new website we’d simply like to kick it off with a short note on what we’re working on and to let you (the reader) know what we have planned in the days to come.

More to come, thanks for reading; be sure to subscribe to our blog to keep up with our life adventures.

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