2020 Surly Ogre Review

So I wanted to get the gear reviews section of our website started and what better way to start than with the 2020 Surly Ogre first. We bought the Surly Ogre in November 2021 it was a very hard time to find any bikes as no one had anything in stock. Rage Cycles of Scottsdale, our friend Jason, he called me up to say that he had one in and that I should come to check it out since I was looking for a new bike.

I was always into riding road bikes but I was looking for the perfect bikepacking rig so I headed down to Rage Cycles to check it out. Upon getting on the bike and pedaling for a few moments I knew that I had to have the bike. I spoke to Jason about what I needed the bike for and how much I wanted a Surly Pugsley and sad to say Surly stopped making them so that option was no longer viable.

Jason set aside the Surly Ogre so that he could order all of my bags and modifications for the bike while we looked all over to find another bikepacking rig, we will talk more about that bike later.

After bagging the Surly Ogre and getting all of the modifications made, the 2020 Surly Ogre is the perfect bike for me. Fully loaded minus food it weighs about 95 pounds, I ride it fully loaded everywhere I want to go. I’ve taken it climbing big hills and have flown down the hills with it and had not one problem. This bike is great for commuting and so far it works beautifully on the trails as well. I am totally looking forward to taking it out for a few bikepacking trips after my next round of hip injections, we will talk about them in a future post too.

I personally feel that the Surly Ogre is the perfect bike for all-terrain from what I’ve experienced so far.

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