Have you ever seen a spider outrun a Carbon race bike?

I know the title of this post may seem to be an unrealistic question to some but, I’ve had it happen to me.

I went out for a 200-mile bike one morning at about 5am, the goal was to go out on highway 87 in Scottsdale all the way to Tonto National Monument and back in a single ride. I’d set up the ride months before to sort of have an event that would allow other local cyclists to ride with me however everyone said I was too crazy and no one would ride that route. I did however get one person to ride with and he flew through the ride.

When the day come to head out on the bike ride I left out at 3am to go to the meeting spot and on the way, there was already a lot of wind. As we made it out to the highway to get rolling, the headwind was so strong that I had to shed some weight and dump my backpack water bladder. Climbing the hills on Highway 87 can be very rough some are 10% inclines. With the wind and the climbing in some areas going uphill on my carbon road bike I was averaging about 8 mph. I pedaled around one corner which went under a bridge and I was blown clean off of my bike and almost into a semi-truck. The headwinds were said to be between 20-30mph winds in some areas. Within this same area, I was standing and pedaling to climb up this incline when I looked down to see tarantulas everywhere. They varied in sizes from the size of the palm of my hand to very tiny babies, I’ve never seen so many spiders in my life, they were running in front of me and outrunning me also. When I noticed them I did all I could not to run one over and ended up stopping so they could all continue running, it’s as if they were all together trying to cross the road?

This specific ride is what made me buy a GoPro so that I could catch stuff like that on film.

this is me looking back towards Scottsdale

Sadly I did not get to do this entire bike ride due to the debris on the road such as metal shards which caused me to go through 13 bike tubes within the quarter of a mile stretch when I made it to Tonto Basin. The metal pieces were tearing up my tires.

Even though I didn’t get to do the entire trip, I enjoyed about 90 miles of uphill climbing and was outrun by tarantulas, I’d say it was an adventure.

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