So I have arthritis in my hip

I’ve ridden thousands of miles on my bikes, I’d guess in the ballpark of between 30k-35k miles. It’s hard to say cause when I found out why my leg hurt all of the time I was quite bummed and deleted my Strava and Garmin accounts. Since then I’ve made new ones though they’re no longer public as I only track stuff for personal stuff.

Each day I’d either pedal on my road bike, my mountain bike, our Peloton bike, or I’d set up on the Wahoo Kickr Snaps and pedal on Zwift. I was pedaling so much that I’d wake myself from sleeping due to my legs pedaling when I was out like a light dreaming.

So yes I have arthritis in my right hip and it’s pretty bad. I’ve had jell injections once already and am about to have it done again. My doctor is trying to keep me from having to get a hip replacement so early in life. I’m supposed to slow down on my legs though with the day-to-day job I average 180-200 miles a month walking not counting any pedaling that I may get to do. Lately, I’m in so much pain that I pedaled 5 miles yesterday and afterward had to lay in bed for rest of the day to recover. Now I’m not complaining, I’m merely making it clear why I’m not currently pedaling thousands of miles each month at this moment.

I do plan to get back to pedaling long distances very soon. I’ve sold my road bike cause I want to buy a new one and now have a 90 pound fully loaded bikepacking rig to pedal on to keep my muscles in shape, so needless to say 10 miles of climbing hills on that is like pedaling 100 miles on a carbon road bike.

Cycling is supposed to be good for me though it’s also what’s tearing my hip up. I have a bone spur that cuts into the leg muscle and the cartridge in my hip so my muscle throbs all day and my hip is just aching constantly. I will not take any pain meds as I prefer my health and mental status to stay intact and far away from pharma as much as possible.

So Monday I have an appointment to get my date for the next jell injections, hopefully once that is complete I am going to start riding as much as I can even in these hot summer months to come. I will also be filming with my GoPro and Drone whenever I’m out to build material for more videos on my YouTube Channel.

So that’s the update, thanks for reading. More to come as the week gets rolling.

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