Drone Acquired and it’s time to get to the next step

Alright, so I’m one step closer to the plan. For my birthday, my epic better half purchased me a new Holy Stone HS720E Drone; I’m so excited. It’s been a goal to get a drone so that I can get some good footage to work on videos and of course the documentary project. It’s hard to keep calling it “The Documentary Project” so I may need to give it a name one day in the near future.

Upon receiving the drone after watching a ton of unboxing videos and how-to videos I was quite stunned to see that out of all of the videos, all of them made the same mistakes or intentionally misinformed everyone of some things. When watching each of the unboxing videos, they were not true unboxing videos, they had already had the item out of the box and had been using them prior.

The first example of how to know all of these videos were not unboxing videos, here’s a small list that each had in common.

  • Every drone had the battery already installed and snapped in tight. The drones come with a cushion on each battery that keeps them from being able to snap without removing it.
  • Every drone controller had double-A batteries installed in the controller which are not included in the package.
  • The batteries come in the package with 20% or less charge if not completely dead.

Those three items are the most important and the reason I bring this up is that I was fully ready to go out on my adventure and test everything in the field until after I set everything all up my better half asked had I test flew the drone yet. When she asked I then decided to go through it all and found out that the controller needed batteries, luckily I had some. I had to order a memory card so that I could do any filming. Then I found out once I started the motor that the batteries went dead immediately and was made aware that they always come no more than a 20% charge. So I had to wait 5-7 hours to charge the batteries which I didn’t get to go for my bike ride. The drone literally started up and by the time I got it off of the ground, it tilted left into the wall and died.

I spent my day waiting on batteries to charge and found out that one of the two batteries will not fully charge so I reached out to Holy Stone to make them aware and I’m sure I’ll hear back when they have the time. After one of the batteries was fully charged up, I took the drone outside and enjoyed learning how to fly it, it’s very easy to get the hang of it and very fun.

So the day wound down and flying the drone has been accomplished, the next phase is to learn to record with it now that I have a memory card. I will be doing a good bit of filming for a while to get the content needed for the documentary film project. In the meantime, I will make at least one video each month to share how things are going.

They’re many more projects in the works here, one of which is a hydroponic garden which I’m making room to get started soon. Keep tunes in, more will be posted soon, thanks for reading.

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