Cycling with Arthritis in my hip

So I made it out for a nice 8-mile bike ride today with it two-thirds loaded, it’s quite hot outside. I had hoped to fly the drone today though the winds are pretty intense for me to be flying it, I did however put new propellers on it already.

For the last twelve days, my doctor has had me on a double steroid pack to help get the inflammation down, as of today my hip is back to hurting constantly. Since the pain began I decided to just get on my bike and try to pedal for a while, it felt great to ride! The next round of jell injections have been ordered and have been shipped so we’re awaiting them any day now. Once they arrive, my doctor will set an appointment for the procedure, and afterward, I’ll have about 7 months to be able to walk and pedal. I’m excited to be able to get around without pain.

I was asked while I was at my local bike shop earlier, “What were my plans with my bikes given my hip?”, my response was simple; pedal as long as my body allows me. I do plan to ride my bike as long as I’m alive, hopefully, long trips and long hours in the saddle are my future.

I will pedal here and there as long as I can while I await the injections, after that, I will make some ride plans before it gets too hot to be out.

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