We’ve been riding our bikes, hiking, and flying our drone with plans to take the Jeep out on the trail

We’ve been out and about on the trail with our bikes, our legs out hiking, and about to take our Jeep on some trails too. It’s been a wonderful week out and about with our Drone taking photos and videos from trail to trail. We’ve had a few wonderful bike rides on our Surly Ogre and Surly Troll, lots of headwinds lately though.

We’ve been sharing a few video shorts on our YouTube Channel while we’re working on a couple full-length videos. We’ve crashed the drone several times due to high winds but the drone can take a beating and it still gets right back up ready to roll. We’ve nicknamed our Drone “Hippie” cause it loves to hug trees, lol. We’re still debating the name for our Jeep Gladiator while we shop around for the future upgrades that we will be adding for Overlanding mode.

Now back to the drone, we’re still learning how to use it, for example, today I figured out how to turn off beginner mode and now I can fly it as high as 394 feet if I want. There’s so much for us to still learn as we go day to day trying new things with the GoPro, the drone, and all of the crazy toys that we’ve gained in our lives over the last couple of years.

So during our little adventures, while we were at Saguaro Lake, we were flying the drone and enjoying some beautiful weather aside from the wind, and the drone was instantly thrown into a tree up on the side of one of the mountains. In those words, it does seem a bit far but it was about a 50-foot climb to find it wedged in a bush surrounded by snake poop and shredded snake skins, I was a little nervous about reaching around while one of the propellers was spinning and none of the others were. I was also worried that the drone was broken and at one point due to where it had crashed I was gonna write it off as a loss and go buy another one. It was worth the climb though and we both did get a little dinged up in the process with a couple falls and slips, briars, and other cacti thorns.

We’re still going through the footage to put together the videos to share so keep an eye out on our YouTube Channel and please consider subscribing to our channel.

Oh and one more thing, health-related. I’m about a week away from getting my next round of hip injections. I’m also awaiting to see a Cardiologist so they can check out my heart due to weird spikes in my heartbeat reaching in the 200s while I’m sleeping.

Alright, thanks for reading, more to come later.

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