Jeep Gladiator Off-Road Life | off-roading on the Table Mesa Trailhead

On May 4th we had the day off and took our 2022 Jeep Gladiator out on yet another trail. Table Mesa Trailhead in New River Arizona has 11,500 acres of BLM land where anyone can go off-roading, bikepacking, hiking, camping, and even shooting. It’s a beautiful area to take a nice Jeep trail ride.

We’re gonna be doing this route again soon since they’re so many trails out there. On that day, we achieved our first Badge of Honor from Jeep Badge of Honor, we’re excited as we await the physical badge to be mailed to us.

We spent several hours on the trail enjoying time together and test flying our drone (Hippie), we didn’t crash our drone once on this trip even though the wind was so strong in some areas. We did have some interesting happenings take place with our drone.

After a very long auto follow with our Holy Stone HS720E, we stopped and I brought it to my hand. As it landed in my handed I decided to go back up for a few more photos. As it went up about 5 feet higher than my reach it decided that the batteries were too low so it flew over a mile back to auto-return back to where I’d started the flight. I was laughing hysterically while at the same time running down the Jeep trail while I was followed in the Jeep to get back to see our drone sitting right in the middle of the trail exactly where I’d taken off from. I do wish that there was a cancel button so it would’ve just been able to let me fly it back down to my hand, but, I’m very thankful that it did exactly what it was supposed to do.

That day was one of the many wonderful days in our lives and we’re happy to be preparing to go out for another trail ride soon.

Thanks so much for reading.

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