This crazy wind in Arizona lately

It has been extremely windy lately, it’s as if every day has been non-stop heavy wind gusts. We’ve been trying to catch a good day that we can get the drone off of the ground of that we can go for a bike ride however these massive wind gusts lately have made what we do pretty impossible. Summer is upon us and it’s about to be extremely hot.

We’ve been working on some plans for the hot months which will be Jeep based either on the trail or just out on an adventure checking out the sights. Speaking of Jeep’s, our Badge of Honor has been shipped to us however for some reason it’s missing half of the address to get it to us and they’re trying to now find where the package is. I’m not sure how missing part of our address worked to get it this close to us but I do know the Badge of Honor app is extremely glitchy and has a lot of broken features and abilities. Hopefully, we actually receive it, fingers crossed.

Work-life has been very good though very busy also, it’s as if the days have gotten longer since the heat has gotten hotter as the hours go by. I’ve debated streaming some stuff here and there on our Twitch channel but there’s a lot to prepare beforehand.

More to come shortly, dang weather lol.

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