It’s been a hectic couple of weeks around here

So where to start? For the most part, a lot of what has been going on around here has been working, both our careers are just growing and growing; we’re definitely thankful. With the very warm weather and high winds lately, we have not been able to fly our drone until today which I’ll get to that part in a moment.

Our work schedules changed, I work mornings, and my other half works nights. Our son has also moved to our area and has a lot going on so we have been helping him too. My career has turned into working in two departments at the same time and one department is highly technical so when I’m off of work I’m also taking classes to better my skill set. So yeah it’s been a little on the busy side for a moment.

We are working on taking the jeep out to Sedona soon to do the jeep trails there but not sure if it will be during these hot months, we may take the spring and summer to work on other projects or just focus on preparations.

Now on another note, we took the drone into the industrial area in Tempe and attempted a flight test before the wind came in, but it didn’t go so good. I started out standing near an open bay door on a building cause the workers inside wanted to see it and the air suction in the area pulled it into the building and right into a concrete wall. One of the guys inside got the drone for me and returned it, that was very nice of him. So I quickly looked over my drone and all looked great so I relaunched it a little further away from the open bay door and it was flying fast and smooth.

After a few passersby, I was flying it towards us and it started shaking. In midflight, the propeller had come off and the drone slowly started to flip on its way to the tar parking lot. It hit the parking lot hard enough that it took a small chunk out of the drone body.

I’ve gotten good about when the drone crashes for it not to bother me anymore, the first crash was stressful but still funny. 15 crashes now are I believe the number and this Holy Stone drone is still a trooper.

Today turned into a drone repair day and a hot one at that. Now onto some health updates. I am still having a very rough time with my hip, it hurts all the time and it doesn’t help that I’m still averaging 170-200 miles a month walking. Aside from my hip, we found some issues going on with my heart, it randomly stops and sometimes I will be resting and my heartrate will reach almost 200bmp. Given all of that, I am awaiting an echocardiogram to be done.

So that’s the update on why we’re a bit quiet here but not to worry we are well and have a lot in the works. Many thanks for the support and reading we will be posting some new content very soon.

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