Long Distance Cycling in the Arizona Summer?

So, I do long to ride bikes, but I love to ride them very long distance even more. With the summer here and how my hip has been, cycling at all has been very minimal and it has been done on the steel frame Surly Ogre since I’ve sold my carbon race road bike.

I don’t mind pedaling with weight, I used to throw bags on my carbon bike and still go 30-40 mph. Recently I had to wear a heart monitor and I’m having my heart looked at, with all of these health issues popping up I want to ride my bike even more in case I lose the ability to do it.

I’m looking at new carbon road bike, I’m also looking at a new Surly Ice Cream Truck. The road bike will be for very long distance rides however they have to be done between my work schedule, but first is to build my body to be able to handle a few hundred miles a week, I’m sure I can.

My plan is to pedal as often as I can, rain or shine, at least get a few miles in a week in between work and on the day I get to have off, if that happens, I’ll attempt longer and longer rides while I save for the new road bike.

Several things have been going on since 2019 which has severally hindered my time for riding bikes and I’ve been very down about it, I’m setting all of those things behind me so that I can breathe once again.

So let’s do this, the goal starting Monday July 4th is to pedal my bike at least 20 miles that week and to up a mile or two each week. Let’s do it.

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