Getting back to pedaling and it feels good

The goal today was to start pedaling a little at a time and to slowly build up to go further and further. Reach 20 miles from today to Saturday, whelp, I’m 16 miles in and ready to go for another bike ride.

this is one of my favorite spots in Old Town Scottsdale.

It was a beautiful ride and my legs feel great. I met some friends and a new friend. One fellow I met was riding a Surly Wednesday, omg I love those bikes. He is doing 65 mile trips here and there and preparing for some long distance rides to come. We chatted for a few moments and swapped some yummies between each other, great fellow; it was nice to meet likeminded peeps on the trail.

The Big Doors in Old Town are nice, I’d taken better photos here but someone was in-between the doors rapping and it sounded so good I didn’t want to disrupt them, great stuff.

Today made me totally realize why riding a bike makes me feel so good. It’s refreshing to get away from everything and enjoy the air. I picked about 12 thorns out of my tires as I laughed, they weren’t gonna puncture my monsters. I hope I can get the time to do this every Sunday morning, fingers crossed.

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