Laws have to get stricter for drivers of vehicles hitting people on bikes

So I’m not one for writing about laws in any way as not once have the people asking for something ever happen, it’s a one sided system fitting the pockets of government and big companies. Something for sure needs to happen when it comes to laws in general, their should be punishment not some penalty that lines another’s wallets and that’s it; that’s not how law should work.

Our son was hit by a car yesterday while he was crossing the street with a walk light green. A driver for a local company hit him and then stopped to look then took off as fast as they could. This happen right beside the police station and hospital so for certain there’s camera footage. We spoke to the owner of the company, he was so nice. He said all of their vehicles have trackers so by Monday we will have who done it. Now we don’t blame the company it isn’t their fought, we do blame the driver and since they hit him and then left after knowing for certain they hit someone, that should be a 15 year sentence in prison and no chance of ever getting license back again. Anyone with that mentality should not have a lighter punishment than that. After we found out our son was just dinged up and he was not hurt too bad we were and are so thankful. All I could think about was, how many times has that driver hit and ran others before? Has he killed others with his vehicles and never been caught? The problem here is, all are possible because he hit and ran in broad daylight after factually knowing he hit someone.

We’d just had a wonderful lunch together and I was pedaling toward my home and he was pedaling towards his, things can happen that quick. Something needs to be done. This leads me to today on my bike ride.

This morning I went for a 20 mile bike ride, I was nearly hit 4 times as no one is paying any attention. Drivers are pulling up to the read light not watching anywhere and simple not stopping just easing through then turning into bikes and joggers, and then looking at us as what were we doing in their way. These drivers are nearly killing people, it’s time they get attempted murder charges when they do what they’re doing. It’s time drivers either learn to pay attention and follow the rules of the road or not have drivers license at all.

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