Bushcraft and the time we’re spending learning it

Everyday in our lives we’ve debated living off grid, tiny homes, living off the land, you name it; it’s our true calling however life doesn’t really work that way. Stuff like this has become a fad to grow into an influencer to sell us things, that’s all. Now on the real, we’ve been collecting survival gear, camping gear, bikepacking gear, and all other bush crafting gear that we can over the last several years. Our plan is to enjoy some bikepacking, take on long hikes, go out for enjoyable off grid trips in our Jeep, that’s the plan and that’s the extent of it.

We have no thoughts of going off into the wild to grow our YouTube presence or to suddenly become photographers because we have the next app to better the photos that we took. What we’re doing is truly learning the crafts for personal purposes to better our adventures and to be safer when we’re out. We’ve very new to the term bush craft but we’re not new to survival. Though as we’ve aged somethings need to be learned or searched out to find a working solution, for example how would someone fully vegan survive in the wild in a place like they they drop people on the Alone TV Series? Is it possible to survive in the Arizona desert as a vegan or vegetarian? If your day to day life requires medications to breathe, eat, or function at all, is it possible to survive in the wild? These are questions we want to find answers for.

As for surviving just about anything, I’m certain we can, though it is a good idea for us to keep researching and learning our surroundings better as well as other techniques that we aren’t aware of.

We’ve picked up a couple of books and we plan to learn everything we can from them. We’re planning to learn trapping and learn about the plants that are able to eat or use as medicines. The long term goal? That’s easy, make the best of life and adventure together in every way that we can.

We are close to the point that all we have to do is throw the bikes on the Jeep and we’re good to go anywhere. We are adding to this ability as time goes by, maybe take a long Jeep adventure out into the wild one day with some bikepacking and bush crafting. That’s a wonderful plan, so we’re gonna focus on learning more and we will share as we learn. Thanks for reading.

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